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Polyurethane foam has the highest “R” value available – 6.7 per 1 inch. Polyurethane is spray applied to a variety of surfaces. It is monolithic, Which means that there are NO seams in your roof or any penetrations. On exterior jobs such as flat roofs or metal roof, the polyurethane is applied to any desired thickness, and then a waterproof UV resistant coating is applied over the polyurethane.

Polyurethane Foam

The application of Polyurethane Foam (the yellow stuff) makes a seamless waterproof roof covering any possible penetrations, fixing the level problems of the building (no more water accumulation) and adding extra insulation properties to the entire building.

The Coating that follows (the white stuff) protects the foam from degenerating, aids in the evaporation of the water, and makes a much more attractive final result.

Foam insulation

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This service is offered in ALL North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia!

Polyurethane foam is the best insulation available. It can be spray applied to homes, commercial buildings, and anywhere insulation is needed or desired. Closed cell polyurethane adds structural stability to wherever it is applied such as truck bodies or insulation storage buildings.
The final result is a seamless, insulated roof!

​This is an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Roof. It is basically a synthetic rubber compound that provides water barrier for flat roofs (among other applications.) When roof gets old, the rubber starts to dry out, the seams start to fall apart, and the structure of the building might accumulate greats amount of water, resulting in even more degeneration, and constant leaks. foam insulation spray insulationBest Skill LLC insulationi insulation r value